Design.ID 2012, Interior Design Exhibition and Conference

Indonesian's Interior Designers Society(HDII) held an aggregation and conferences called Desain.ID (DID) the end of 2011. Ritual of the development of national programme in Indonesia give work together major designers and otherwise affinal communities.

Desain.ID 2012 is the position state held by HDII, whose idea is Cosmic: Arrangement in Extra-Familiarity Var.. The thought will be manifested through programs specified as Ingenuous Talks, Different Networking, Thought-provoking Word, and Shared Knowledge based on the idea of employment pillars of Ability, Collaboration and Doc.

As before, the implementation of the upcoming Desain.ID 2012 also potential to be a object to part product and creativeness figure and Postindustrial ornament businesses Country such as hotel and esoteric luxury villas. Reffrajaya Moch, Chair HDII Desain.ID 2012 at the propulsion circumstance said that this circumstance become a rank of process for all inland designers Country.

"We elicit all concern upcountry State, which consists of region designers, inside contractors, or executors, and investors who have projects and upcountry materials business players to re-explore original ideas with a ingest of civilization to make a alter quality midland decoration and more photogenic for State moves into large economy, "said Arjon

"We outlook, DID 2012 may be a melting pot for inventive grouping as a localize to jibe, regenerate friendships, and play something new," he said in a mould channelize here on Tues (06/12/2011). Arjon, Chairwoman of the Organizing Desain.ID 2012, said it had invitational the total inward of Indonesian businessmen to joint unitedly in this circumstance.


Inner Court for Small House

The existence of the inner court gave several important benefits:
1. Make air circulation better and gives natural lighting because of its open.
2. Gives the impression of the house.
3. As a convenient meeting point for all residents.
4. Refresh the house environtment.

When you consider to build small house on a tiny land, but you wanted an Inner Court, you are actually preparing the foundation of the natural comfort of nature. By the inner court, you can take advantage of the things that nature provided. Air flow and sunlight. You can still complete this natural comfort. For example with several types of plants in pots and if possible a small pond. About the size of the inner court did not matter. What matters is proportional to the area home

Inner Court gives natural comfortthat not lead to boredom. But there are some tricks of it. For example you can periodically add, subtract, or change the type of plant your pots for the inner court. That sounds good if you replace the occasional formation seats around the park is open in this house. Or maybe by adding a little touch of lighting for night.


Lounge Interior Design

What is the Lounge?
lounge room or lounge ( in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand ), is a room for entertaining adult guests, reading, or other activities. The term front room can also be used to describe a living room, because in many homes the living room is at the very front. (wikipedia).

As we know, lounge is resemble with sitting room, or waiting room for some passanger, like at airport lounge. Lounge ussualy designed to make people more relax and enjoying live music or just music background.

I think Lounge is more like transit room, or we can call it just waiting room with cozy and relaxing environtment, which make people don't get bored on what they waiting for. So, if we want to start doing some design job for a lounge interior , firstly we have to know which color and lighting that will lead people stay without get bored.


What is Eco Friendly House ?

Are you want to build a house? an eco friendly house? Here are some tips for you

First, Design. The design should be able to respond to the climate in which the home is established or commonly referred to as design-oriented climate. Such as the climate in Indonesia is tropical humid, then the house should be able to respond to the intensity of the sun is high, able to reduce high humidity, able to respond and take advantage of very high rainfall, and able to anticipate the very low wind speeds.


More on eco friendly house building, the second step to consider is energy. Energy use should be as efficient and as effective as possible. Usually when a building design has been oriented climate, automatically become efficient energy use as well. Such as reduced use of air conditioning and lights during the day.

Third, the material. Select local materials. Local materials to reduce transportation costs, this is certainly different from the imported material. Select materials that are renewable, meaning that nature produces a continuous material, such as wood, bamboo, and rattan.

And the last is garbage. Separate non-bio waste and bio waste compost, if your trash can become fertilizer for the plants at home. In addition, use is also gray water for flushing toilets and gardening.

Apartment kitchen design

Big city, when landed house is very expensive at downtown, now people have to pick apartment as right choice. Apartment usually has a tiny space that we have to arrange every interior elements correctly, one of which is the kitchen.

Apartment layout is different than landed house, in apartment, kitchen layout is set at first place just when we enter the unit, and usually near or melt with dining area. Because of it, apartment's kitchen must designed very simple, clean color, and compact.

Use soft color and shiny or glass material to make interior space seems not poky.


When Interior meet Graphic Design

Interior space sometimes need an aesthetic wall or accented point, and graphic wall design is the solution. Graphic design in interior space not only limited for aesthetic, sometimes it's needed for blending signed system especially in public space.

Above, i found very interesting graphic signed on a dark flat wall. It's graphic bring gloomy space an accented color.

Maria Yasko, a Russian-based interior designer, these cool, modern, modular wall shelves with graphic design. The designer specifies the internal standard element in an art and called it a “Vjunok” which consists of three modular design structure, they are: power, Icelandic tree, and bees. These modular racks seems to natural elements and surroundings, graphically leaves and branches are formed

Simply cutting edge sticker graphic on plain wall, it's very blended and stunning..!. This graphic design is not damage the image of clean bedroom design but it's make space more convey to it's own style.


Indonesian Furniture Shop at Lecong, China

Hufttt,,finally done, designing for Indonesian Furniture Shop at Lecong, China. First, i've been puzzled what should be shown to represent the hallmark of Indonesia ?, because Indonesian people has so many culture and tribal art.
Solid wood and rattan are that we would yells to the world, so i bring interior design as many as represent about that, combined with aesthetic element wich represented Indonesian Culture.


Low Budget Design with High Taste

Decameron, the project was organized inside two tunnels of containers, taking advantage of the linearity of its inside spaces, and a double height hangar attached to it, a contrasting cubic volume. Huge polycarbonate sliding doors connect the store with the city and an inner garden.

At the hottest spot in the most important alley of decoration in the city: alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva there was the only empty plot left. The client rented it and commissioned the architect to come up with a very low budget design, something that could be assembled quickly, respecting the existing trees. The idea was to use discarded containers, to reuse a ready-made object, a leftover of the actual intense commodities exchange


floor covering materials

To make your space more shapely, we must choose a correct floor covering material to make a great compose with other room elements.

There is so many material, color, and pattern to fit to your floor. But first we must knowing about our room characteristic and function. Here some example to choose right material and pattern to cover your floor, categorical by room function :

  1. Kitchen and Restroom, to prevent slippery floor when it’s wet or oily, you should use textured floor type, like stone or granite tile, but tile like these is very expensive, to reduce the cost we must choose other material like vinyl tile which is it’s has resemble pattern with granite or stone tile and it’s very easy to clean.
  2. Living Room, it’s a cozy place in our home, you can choose a glossy floor tile which is the color pattern should be match with your environment, or to make your living room more beautiful, you can use wooden floor.
  3. Bedroom, it’s a private room, you can use any material or pattern as you wish, but before you make decision to chose of them, you must calculating about maintenance and durability.

Colorful Living room by ZeroTreArchitetti

Now, I am inspired by Zero TreArchitetti with a beautiful colorful living room design. It's like a playful interior which will made us happier and warmer. This playful design set is called Kube. Designed by ZeroTreArchitetti for Linea Italia, Kube is a modular set which can be arranged in a variety of ways. One can choose to place the similar colors together for a “tidy” feel, or mix them up real good for a joyful and color-messy interior. There is no way you can go wrong arranging these furniture pieces, that’s for sure. The set also comes with a few pillows, perfectly adapted to the collection.

I love white wall with a little accented deep color of wall, wide open window with clear glass. Flood of sunshine made space bright, warm, and fresh.


Minimalist Interior with Wooden Furniture

Boring days and crowd at working place is our daily dose of live, but when we go home, it's should be disappear by home environment.
And now which environment that we want to build in our home ?
I think clean minimalist design will help us to get more relax and enjoying our cozy time at home.

interior design

Above is Minimalist Landry Room Furniture Collection by Terry Dwan, is produced using scented cedar wood. Its main feature is the use of cedar wood for all the inner parts of the furnishings, in order to exploit its properties as natural moth-repellant. The outer panels, instead, can be in every wood essence available in the Collection by Riva 1920.

Designed by Terry Dwan in collaboration with Electrolux, this furniture proves that a streamlined space can be achieved by using the right tools that facilitate space-efficient shelving and cabinets. Also included are the surfaces for ironing and folding Landry Room Furniture Collection by Terry Dwan with built-in appliances and sink.

White wall or little gloomy paint combined with cedar wood is very dazzle. It's simple, clean, timeless and cozy.


Knockdown House

When world become unstable with earthquake, should we change our permanent house structure to knockdown house ?

I think every structure of any kind of house has they own risk and capacity. House with knockdown system is very simple to build and lower cost than ordinary house.

Knockdown house, ussualy built from solid wood materials, we can buy empty land and plug the house as that easy. Knockdown house is made by order, but nowadays we can find ready stock knockdown wooden house on internet.
Just easy way to get dreaming house with lower cost and faster.


Corona Chair

corona chair

First produced by Danish designer Paul Volther in 1964, the Corona chair is a beautiful and stylish piece of modernist furniture that looks futuristic even today. The chair is mounted on a highly polished stainless steel base with a matching spine.
corona chair
It incorporates four leather upholstered concentric shaped shells which are exceptionally comfortable to sit on. The stunning overall effect looks as though the leather back shells are actually floating. The wow value of this chair has seen it feature in many music videos, films and design magazines. Dimension Chair: H: 98cm x D: 88cm x W: 87cm Dimension Ottoman: H: 47cm x D: 47cm x W: 75cm available in white or black leather Shipping - £50.00 within UK

corona chair dimension


Working Space Design

office desing
Working Space is a place that we spent time all over day and might be till night.
First, working space must be designed by follow the function, cozy, make people stay focus and feel fresh.
Here are some design ideas for your working space

interior design space
working spacae design


Creative and Unique Shop Display Design

shop display

Window Display as Point of Interest that shall brought people enter in our store is very important to designed well, unique and creative.
But not only just only window display that we have to put attention, the interior showcase is important too, because the creative and unique showcase display make costumer more easily to pick as wide as eyes could look.

The showcase display must have give character to our brand product.

unique shop display


Green colored Nice Kitchen Design

kitchen design
I think green colored kitchen made home or kitchen area more fresh and cozy, and will give us more appetite.
Combined with white minimalistic wall and metal or gloomy color wood dinning table it will be a perfect color to our eyes and heart.


Unique furniture design by African Community

unique furniture design

These are examples of how creative the African community in making a furniture, with a very distinctive feature of the uniqueness of the African nation, then the furniture produced is also very beautiful. Even African furniture has been exported to the other continents, which means this type of furniture has been famous all over the world.

African furniture mostly made of wood with carved accents carved with high art. Making people amazed by the work of African society. With the uniqueness and artistic it is no wonder if the furniture is in great demand. Unique Furniture Design : Beautiful African Furniture Design


Lecong Furniture,The World's Largest Furniture Market

The 10 miles long Lecong Furniture Market is located in Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China. With total area of 3 million square meters, it is the biggest furniture market in the world with over 3,450 furniture businesses from both China and abroad.

The leading furniture wholesale businesses in Lecong market

Lecong International Exhibition Centre
1-2, Lecong Da Dao South, Lecong, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel: 0757-28906881
website: www.iecfurniture.com

Shunde Louvre Furnishings Group
Lecong Section, National Highway #325, Shunde, Foshang, Guangdong, China
Tel: 0757-28839999
website: http://www.louvre-group.cn/

Sunlink Group
North-Sunlink Section, Lecong Town , Shunde District, Foshan City , Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 0757-28833888
website: http://www.newlecong.com/

Tuanyi Furniture City
Tel: 0757-28837888
website: http://www.tuanyi.com

Julong Furniture Centre
International Furniture City 5th Row, Lecong Dong Cun, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel: 13923236632
website: http://www.fsjl-ltd.com

Shunde Empire Furniture
Block E, Empire Group, Lecong International Furniture City, 325 Highway, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 0086-757-29992888 Fax: 0086-757-29992876
E-mail: info@empirefnt.com

Lecong Redstar Macalline
Shuiteng Road, Lecong Town, Shunde,District, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel: 0757-28366666
website: http://www.lcredstar.com/en/

Zhidongfang Furniture Center
Tel: +86 757-28853328
email: zhidongfang@21cn.com


Simply Design of Small House

small house interior design

If we have to buy a small house, and got a small tiny space, we need to organize furniture very simply.

So, i have a literate that showing how to organize this small tiny space. This case about small house design in Montreal, Canada. Canadian architects naturehumaine are the brains behind this small home design. The owners idea was to make more of the existing 800-sq.-ft. compact home design, but site and regulation constraints meant a second storey or a rear addition were out of the question. The architects came up with a creative renovation solution to make this bungalow-style house work. By creating split levels, they achieved the desired separation of floors and living spaces, while staying within the required building guidelines. The design purposely left many of the materials in their raw state, offering a rustic house style to this urban house plan. Exposed ceiling planks and warm wood floors provide the perfect contrast and balance to the white walls industrial-chic details. This small house design is indeed larger than life


Baduy house is an Indonesian traditional architecture

Baduy House
is the architecture of Indonesian traditional houses are made ​​based on the tradition of building. One of them is the home of Bedouin tribes is a phenomenon in the tradition of building homes based on customary law is very strong. From the past until now the characteristic shape, form and space and the area of ​​home building Bedouin settlements do not undergo much change. Area of ​​the township which in observation in this study consisted of two settlements of tribal Bedouin settlements in the village consisting of Beo Ci, Ci and Ci Kertawana Keusik; then tribal Bedouin settlements Outer consisting of many villages. To represent the Bedouin village of Foreign, observations carried out village Ci paler and in some surrounding villages. Observations focused on the architecture of traditional houses Bedouin tribes.

The study
begins with the observation in the field of Bedouin tribes in the interior of the township that the township is an area that is untouched by development era arguably still primitive. Then identify the geography, people's behavior, the pattern of his life to the form and manner and procedure rooms in building homes where they live, are typical of a community of people who uphold the traditions of indigenous cultures.

research is mostly done in the field and in the various studies related to the research literature, including literature review of architecture, installation art and literature about the object case Bedouin tribe. The link between the architecture of traditional houses with a Bedouin tribe of installation art that is a common characteristic of Bedouin homes as an object of cases with the characteristics of works of installation art, which in two categories browse through an art installation that is Filled-Space Installation and Site-specifik installation.

Furniture Design by Le Corbusier

le corbusier potrait

le corbusier furniture
The work of Le Corbusier [born Charles Edouard Jeanneret] - one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, renowned for his provocative ideas and revolutionary designs
le corbusier lc2
Termed a "sitting machine" and one of the signature classics of modern design, the LC1 chair (1929) was an integral part Le Corbusier's International Style. Introduced at the Salon d' Automme, the chair's emphasis lay in the juxtaposition of new consturction techniques, mechanical versatility and precious that are seamlessly welded together. The comfort of the chair is exceptional, with a reclining seat and mobile back for constant support. Available in balck saddle leather for easy versatility and in classically sophisticated haired hide. Haired hides are one of kind, each containing varying amounts of black, whaite and brown.
le corbusier lc1


Superstructure easy chair design

easy chair design
Superstructure chair by Björn Dahlström is a masterpiece of modern Scandinavian design. It carries on the design heritage set by such masters as Hans J. Wegner et al. Superstructure chair will be a centerpiece of every space it´s brought in. Its sculptural form and skillful crafting makes it something to talk about.
  • Size: Width 1080 mm, height 880 mm, depth 1080 mm, weight 25 kg
  • Material: Frame made of oak, cushion upholstered with brown leather
  • Color: Natural oak, leather


Home Office Design Ideas

If you are working full time out of your home, or is it mainly for occasional personal use, you probably spend a few hours in your home office. Here are some useful help in this area more pleasant and productive space are considered.

What are you needs?

As well as the overall appearance and feel, the colours you choose can also affect your productivity in your home workplace. That's why it's important to ask yourself a few questions before you begin decorating, to make sure this space will truly fulfil your needs.

Do you want a relaxing environment, or do you need your workspace to be more stimulating? Will you be having visitors at your office? Should the look of your office fit in with the rest of your home? Whatever you decide, your home office should be a place where you will enjoy working. Choose the colours and style that suit your needs best Take a look at the psychology of colour.


  • In home offices, try to strive for a look between residential and commercial. For example, smart and warm rather than cool and corporate. Use colours from the rest of the house, to help tie your office in with the living areas.
  • Use warm accents to brighten up your home office if it is painted in cool or neutral colours. Add vibrant coloured artwork to stimulate the senses.

Colours to work with!

Soft coloured home office

Some colours motivate, while other colours can distract. So by choosing the right colours you can make your home office a better place to work. If you are easily distracted, you may need to surround yourself with soft colours to relax and calm you and help you get down to work.

If you find motivation difficult, you may want to surround yourself with brighter colours to provide you with more energy. Decide which colours best motivate you, and project the right image for your working environment.

Cool colours such as blues, greens, and purples are passive in nature, receding into the background. They don't distract or disturb, making them a perfect choice for a home office. Cool colours help to quiet the nerves, lift the spirits, and soothe the soul. Psychologically, these types of colours are calming and meditative, lending well to thoughtful concentration.

Think green! Natural, restful, yet rejuvenating, green is perhaps one of the best colours to use in spaces where the main goals are thinking and creativity, which is why this colour is often chosen for classrooms and study areas. Ranging from soft, subtle sages, to soothing sea greens, to the deep, dignified forest and hunter shades, greens ease stress, stimulate the thought process, and promote feelings of balance and harmony.

Use colours for inspiration

Warm colours such as reds, yellows, and oranges, are active and actually appear to move towards you, making rooms painted in these tones appear more intimate and cosy. Warm colours are cheerful, invigorating and great for creative spaces and for people seeking stimulation from their work environment. These colours can be used to help awaken the mind and enliven the spirit. Warm, muted colours tend to work better than bold, bright colours in office environments. Psychologically, bright colours are very stimulating, but also tend to be distracting in working spaces.

Whites representing peace and purity. The colour white can be used to give an open, spacious feeling to a smaller work area. Soft, muted, or tinted whites are the best choice for the main wall colours in offices. Pure, bright white, when used in large quantities, can strain the eyes in a brightly lit work environment. Instead, use bright whites for trim and mouldings to create a crisp, clean look.

Ultimately, you need to evaluate your own response to colour, because it varies from individual to individual. Remember it is your space. Make it a place where you want to be, and you're sure to be more productive!


Artificial Plants for Interior Landscaping

interior artificial landscape designs
Artificial plants are very practical in terms of their rooms because of the many advantages of the plant. Despite the fact that the real plant can be expensive and require maintenance, there is no shortage of fake plants. Real plants should be irrigated and maintained, which requires time and effort that many companies should be reduced. In contrast, the fake plants you can plant up by professionals and do not worry about it.

On top of these advantages, the main weakness of the real plant that can wither and die. Fake plants, leaves, and strong colors as the day you hire them, so you do not have to worry about you. Fake plants will be, as you need them, and looking like the real thing. For this reason, many local landscapers to use artificial plants.

Artificial plants, as well as a safe way to promote your own decorations to attract insects to them, because they are made of plastic. This means that the environment, restaurants, for example, a variety of pests. Moreover, artificial plants are made of fully protected fire or something like this neighborhood restaurant.

Artificial plants can be ordered from many rental companies. Companies can build their own design with many features, you can see exactly what you are looking for the best look for your room. And professionals who enjoy working closely with local landscapers, architects and designers, you want to look beautiful and pleasant environment for you everywhere.

Artificial plants in the landscape with extra oomph to your living room should stand for human memory. Such a cheap and convenient option to lease the plant to make the right choice for many business owners and landscapers. Artificial plants also can be very eye catching, as the structure to be eight feet high. Not only, but the business management of the plant you want, you can relax and enjoy it.

Many kinds of screen and artificial plants in pots can also be rented. This means that the selection of artificial plants, among them, as they show your style tea room, whether it is modern, traditional, or restless.


Bedroom Mural for Kid's room

interior design kids room
Using the overhead projector, that one-time staple of lecture halls, parents and kids can turn any traceable image into a mural. Simply project an easy-to-make transparency of an image onto the wall, trace it, then fill it in as though you're painting in a giant coloring book. The result is a professional-looking, inexpensive mural that can transform a blank wall into a truly unique focal point of a kid's room.

  • Overhead projector (you can borrow or rent one)
  • Transparency film (available at office supply stores)
  • Fine-tip markers
  • Masking or painter's tape
  • Paints (interior latex and artists' acrylics)
  • Paintbrushes in various sizes for outlining, filling in, and detail wor
  1. Choose an image. We suggest sticking to fairly simple, two-dimensional pictures or designs that don't rely on elaborate shading or perspective. And the fewer colors the better. If your child has trouble selecting a favorite, check out the clip art sources at left (Daphne Jensen found her image on a CD-ROM of clip art). Any image that can be traced or printed onto transparency film will work.

  2. Location, location, location. Decide where you want the mural. Do you want to incorporate architectural details? For instance, you might paint a jungle animal "sitting" on a radiator.

  3. Make the transparency. There are three ways to transfer an image to transparency film: use a fine-tip marker to trace the picture onto the film, photocopy the picture onto the film, or use an ink-jet or laser printer to print a computer image onto the film. Decide which will work best for your image, then purchase transparency film (boxes of 25 sheets start at $4) at an office supply store. Note that different types are sold for tracing, photocopying, and various printers.

  4. Project your picture. Borrow an overhead projector from a school or church or rent one from a rental shop. Experiment with the distance you project from and the size of the image on the transparency to get the mural dimensions you want. (For the mural Daphne made, the baseball diamond on the transparency was 5 inches tall, and we set the projector 10 feet from the wall to enlarge it to almost 4 feet tall.) Use a pencil to trace the outline of the projected image (including any shaded parts) onto the wall.

  5. Select your paint. Interior latex paint, which comes in quarts, is best if you're painting a few colors and filling in relatively large areas. For detail work, use artists' acrylics, available in tubes and bottles at craft and art supply stores. You'll also need appropriately sized paintbrushes.

  6. Paint like a pro. For a more realistic effect, paint the background before the foreground. Step back from your mural regularly to see how it looks from the distance it will be viewed from.


How to Make Butterfly Kids Room Decorations

Butterfly décor is popular for kids' rooms. A number of retailers offer readymade decorations or craft kits to make your own butterfly kids room decorations, like those from Pottery Barn Kids.
But why spend a bundle of money when you can make your own. This is a fun craft to do alone or with the kids. These steps will help you create fun, one-of-a-kind butterfly decorations for a kid's room or anywhere else in the house.
Things You'll Need

Butterfly pattern
Craft paper (heavy scrapbooking paper is best)
Spray Adhesive
Card stock or lightweight cardboard
Hot glue gun or craft glue

Suggest Edits


Find or create your own butterfly pattern. Look online for already created butterfly designs or look through science books. It isn't the detail that's important, but the shape. Keep the pattern simple; after all you will be cutting out each of these butterflies by hand so less fussy is better. Enlarge the pattern if necessary. Seven to eight inches is a good size.

Mount your paper butterfly pattern onto the card stock with spray adhesive. Mounting the pattern on heavier stock will help the pattern last longer, especially if you plan to create a lot of butterfly decorations.

Select the paper for the butterflies. Heaving scrapbooking paper works best (and also come in lots of cool designs). Look for paper that has patterns or color on both sides, because you will see the underside of these butterfly decorations.

Trace the butterfly shape onto the paper. Use the scissors to cut out the butterflies.

Bend the butterfly wings at the bodyline so the wings stand away from the surface they are mounted (and look as if they're flying).

Use the hot glue gun or craft glue to stick the butterfly decorations to the wall or other surfaces. These butterfly kids room decorations will delight all who see them.



New! 2012 Color Trends Home & Interior – All 9 Pantone Palettes!

Here is the full Pantone color release for Interiors & Furnishings, and Pantone’s own color stories regarding all nine color palletts! I don’t normally quote content, but as the creators, I thought you might be interested in reading Pantone’s reflections about the creative process behind this year’s color trends, straight from the source. Everyone will have favorites, but I love “The Comics” for this group’s fearless and pure color bravado. Throughout this week, I’ll take a look at the color palettes individually, and hopefully contribute meaningful thoughts and impressions on making these diverse color groups work in your home, in 2012 and beyond…

“The nine palettes for 2012 are: Nonchalance, Subtleties, Resilience, Indigo Effects, and Transcending Time, Back to the Fuchsia, Reflections, Nouveau Neon and The Comics”.

Pantone Nonchalance Palette

“The simplicity and casual ambiance in this palette, called Nonchalance, are easy to read and enjoy. The reassuring colors coax a feeling of tranquility and relaxation with no suggestion of anxiety in the surroundings. The comforting pastel pinks, ethereal blues and soft egret white wrap us in carefree baby blanket colors, harmoniously blending with the more mature taupe, gray and grape tones”.

Pantone Sublties Palette

Subtleties are just that – a close connectivity between the color families, sliding effortlessly into a seamless collection of hues that are either closely related or quietly complementary. The atmosphere they present is effortless and compatible: hazy coral, soft yellow green, faded rose, stonewashed blue and tinges of gray and green artfully set against a tasteful brown earthy red.

Pantone Resilience Palette

Resilience represents a group of sturdy hues that work very well together. It speaks of hand-hewn objects of substance, sustenance and solidity in a range of natural, outdoor shades. There are nuances of the deepest browns, varietal mushroom tones, foliage green and greenish yellow. A dash of flamingo orange adds an exotic touch to this otherwise organic grouping.

Pantone Indigo Effects

Like the twilight colors of a descending night sky, Indigo Effects evokes a mood of broad expansiveness and depth – enveloping and protective, yet mysterious. The colors are variations on a blue theme – celestial and majestic blues, purpled and deep blue indigos – all deftly brushed with contrasting strokes of maroon, mauve and moody gray.

Pantone Transcending Time Color Palette

Transcending Time is a palette that speaks of continuity – inspirations from the past, both style and color-wise, which continue well into the future – containing hues that heirlooms are made of, including elegant wine and plum, warm beige and wood tones, as well as classic rose. A touch of frosted almond adds a soft and subtle glimmer to the atmosphere.

Pantone Back To Fuschia

Bold, daring and audacious, this is a group of tantalizing colors that makes no excuses for the attention it creates. Back to the Fuchsia celebrates the energy generated through the provocative melding of dancing reds, purples and pink, all highlighted by a variety of fuchsias. Jewel-toned peridot both accentuates and complements the hotter hues.

Pantone Reflections Palette

Glossy finish and color are a magical coupling, fascinating the eye and riveting attention. Metallic or glassy surfaces undulate and move and twist and turn, taking colors to new dimensions. Included in this arresting palette, called Reflections, are tones and tints that spark the imagination: Turkish sea, blue moon, garnet, beluga, cloud dancer as well as the classic silver and gold.

The colors of the Nouveau Neon palette are not the phosphorescent neon’s of yesterday. They are instead a collection of exuberant shades that bring a fresh new perspective to combinations. Asian-inspired bamboo yellow-green plays with orange Popsicle® and berry purples, while citrus colors toy with pink and raspberry. A flavorful butter-rum tan is the unexpected accompaniment to all of the vibrant colors in the palette.

Pantone Nouveau Neon

Taken directly from Pantone’s press release, and chicago unveiling of the Spring/Summer 2012 Color Trends Report.