Corona Chair

corona chair

First produced by Danish designer Paul Volther in 1964, the Corona chair is a beautiful and stylish piece of modernist furniture that looks futuristic even today. The chair is mounted on a highly polished stainless steel base with a matching spine.
corona chair
It incorporates four leather upholstered concentric shaped shells which are exceptionally comfortable to sit on. The stunning overall effect looks as though the leather back shells are actually floating. The wow value of this chair has seen it feature in many music videos, films and design magazines. Dimension Chair: H: 98cm x D: 88cm x W: 87cm Dimension Ottoman: H: 47cm x D: 47cm x W: 75cm available in white or black leather Shipping - £50.00 within UK

corona chair dimension


Working Space Design

office desing
Working Space is a place that we spent time all over day and might be till night.
First, working space must be designed by follow the function, cozy, make people stay focus and feel fresh.
Here are some design ideas for your working space

interior design space
working spacae design


Creative and Unique Shop Display Design

shop display

Window Display as Point of Interest that shall brought people enter in our store is very important to designed well, unique and creative.
But not only just only window display that we have to put attention, the interior showcase is important too, because the creative and unique showcase display make costumer more easily to pick as wide as eyes could look.

The showcase display must have give character to our brand product.

unique shop display


Green colored Nice Kitchen Design

kitchen design
I think green colored kitchen made home or kitchen area more fresh and cozy, and will give us more appetite.
Combined with white minimalistic wall and metal or gloomy color wood dinning table it will be a perfect color to our eyes and heart.


Unique furniture design by African Community

unique furniture design

These are examples of how creative the African community in making a furniture, with a very distinctive feature of the uniqueness of the African nation, then the furniture produced is also very beautiful. Even African furniture has been exported to the other continents, which means this type of furniture has been famous all over the world.

African furniture mostly made of wood with carved accents carved with high art. Making people amazed by the work of African society. With the uniqueness and artistic it is no wonder if the furniture is in great demand. Unique Furniture Design : Beautiful African Furniture Design


Lecong Furniture,The World's Largest Furniture Market

The 10 miles long Lecong Furniture Market is located in Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China. With total area of 3 million square meters, it is the biggest furniture market in the world with over 3,450 furniture businesses from both China and abroad.

The leading furniture wholesale businesses in Lecong market

Lecong International Exhibition Centre
1-2, Lecong Da Dao South, Lecong, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel: 0757-28906881
website: www.iecfurniture.com

Shunde Louvre Furnishings Group
Lecong Section, National Highway #325, Shunde, Foshang, Guangdong, China
Tel: 0757-28839999
website: http://www.louvre-group.cn/

Sunlink Group
North-Sunlink Section, Lecong Town , Shunde District, Foshan City , Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 0757-28833888
website: http://www.newlecong.com/

Tuanyi Furniture City
Tel: 0757-28837888
website: http://www.tuanyi.com

Julong Furniture Centre
International Furniture City 5th Row, Lecong Dong Cun, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel: 13923236632
website: http://www.fsjl-ltd.com

Shunde Empire Furniture
Block E, Empire Group, Lecong International Furniture City, 325 Highway, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 0086-757-29992888 Fax: 0086-757-29992876
E-mail: info@empirefnt.com

Lecong Redstar Macalline
Shuiteng Road, Lecong Town, Shunde,District, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel: 0757-28366666
website: http://www.lcredstar.com/en/

Zhidongfang Furniture Center
Tel: +86 757-28853328
email: zhidongfang@21cn.com


Simply Design of Small House

small house interior design

If we have to buy a small house, and got a small tiny space, we need to organize furniture very simply.

So, i have a literate that showing how to organize this small tiny space. This case about small house design in Montreal, Canada. Canadian architects naturehumaine are the brains behind this small home design. The owners idea was to make more of the existing 800-sq.-ft. compact home design, but site and regulation constraints meant a second storey or a rear addition were out of the question. The architects came up with a creative renovation solution to make this bungalow-style house work. By creating split levels, they achieved the desired separation of floors and living spaces, while staying within the required building guidelines. The design purposely left many of the materials in their raw state, offering a rustic house style to this urban house plan. Exposed ceiling planks and warm wood floors provide the perfect contrast and balance to the white walls industrial-chic details. This small house design is indeed larger than life


Baduy house is an Indonesian traditional architecture

Baduy House
is the architecture of Indonesian traditional houses are made ​​based on the tradition of building. One of them is the home of Bedouin tribes is a phenomenon in the tradition of building homes based on customary law is very strong. From the past until now the characteristic shape, form and space and the area of ​​home building Bedouin settlements do not undergo much change. Area of ​​the township which in observation in this study consisted of two settlements of tribal Bedouin settlements in the village consisting of Beo Ci, Ci and Ci Kertawana Keusik; then tribal Bedouin settlements Outer consisting of many villages. To represent the Bedouin village of Foreign, observations carried out village Ci paler and in some surrounding villages. Observations focused on the architecture of traditional houses Bedouin tribes.

The study
begins with the observation in the field of Bedouin tribes in the interior of the township that the township is an area that is untouched by development era arguably still primitive. Then identify the geography, people's behavior, the pattern of his life to the form and manner and procedure rooms in building homes where they live, are typical of a community of people who uphold the traditions of indigenous cultures.

research is mostly done in the field and in the various studies related to the research literature, including literature review of architecture, installation art and literature about the object case Bedouin tribe. The link between the architecture of traditional houses with a Bedouin tribe of installation art that is a common characteristic of Bedouin homes as an object of cases with the characteristics of works of installation art, which in two categories browse through an art installation that is Filled-Space Installation and Site-specifik installation.

Furniture Design by Le Corbusier

le corbusier potrait

le corbusier furniture
The work of Le Corbusier [born Charles Edouard Jeanneret] - one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, renowned for his provocative ideas and revolutionary designs
le corbusier lc2
Termed a "sitting machine" and one of the signature classics of modern design, the LC1 chair (1929) was an integral part Le Corbusier's International Style. Introduced at the Salon d' Automme, the chair's emphasis lay in the juxtaposition of new consturction techniques, mechanical versatility and precious that are seamlessly welded together. The comfort of the chair is exceptional, with a reclining seat and mobile back for constant support. Available in balck saddle leather for easy versatility and in classically sophisticated haired hide. Haired hides are one of kind, each containing varying amounts of black, whaite and brown.
le corbusier lc1