Fish Pond for Minimalis Home Design

fish pond design

fish pond design

fish pond design for minimalis home


Superstructure easy chair design

easy chair design
Superstructure chair by Björn Dahlström is a masterpiece of modern Scandinavian design. It carries on the design heritage set by such masters as Hans J. Wegner et al. Superstructure chair will be a centerpiece of every space it´s brought in. Its sculptural form and skillful crafting makes it something to talk about.
  • Size: Width 1080 mm, height 880 mm, depth 1080 mm, weight 25 kg
  • Material: Frame made of oak, cushion upholstered with brown leather
  • Color: Natural oak, leather


Home Office Design Ideas

If you are working full time out of your home, or is it mainly for occasional personal use, you probably spend a few hours in your home office. Here are some useful help in this area more pleasant and productive space are considered.

What are you needs?

As well as the overall appearance and feel, the colours you choose can also affect your productivity in your home workplace. That's why it's important to ask yourself a few questions before you begin decorating, to make sure this space will truly fulfil your needs.

Do you want a relaxing environment, or do you need your workspace to be more stimulating? Will you be having visitors at your office? Should the look of your office fit in with the rest of your home? Whatever you decide, your home office should be a place where you will enjoy working. Choose the colours and style that suit your needs best Take a look at the psychology of colour.


  • In home offices, try to strive for a look between residential and commercial. For example, smart and warm rather than cool and corporate. Use colours from the rest of the house, to help tie your office in with the living areas.
  • Use warm accents to brighten up your home office if it is painted in cool or neutral colours. Add vibrant coloured artwork to stimulate the senses.

Colours to work with!

Soft coloured home office

Some colours motivate, while other colours can distract. So by choosing the right colours you can make your home office a better place to work. If you are easily distracted, you may need to surround yourself with soft colours to relax and calm you and help you get down to work.

If you find motivation difficult, you may want to surround yourself with brighter colours to provide you with more energy. Decide which colours best motivate you, and project the right image for your working environment.

Cool colours such as blues, greens, and purples are passive in nature, receding into the background. They don't distract or disturb, making them a perfect choice for a home office. Cool colours help to quiet the nerves, lift the spirits, and soothe the soul. Psychologically, these types of colours are calming and meditative, lending well to thoughtful concentration.

Think green! Natural, restful, yet rejuvenating, green is perhaps one of the best colours to use in spaces where the main goals are thinking and creativity, which is why this colour is often chosen for classrooms and study areas. Ranging from soft, subtle sages, to soothing sea greens, to the deep, dignified forest and hunter shades, greens ease stress, stimulate the thought process, and promote feelings of balance and harmony.

Use colours for inspiration

Warm colours such as reds, yellows, and oranges, are active and actually appear to move towards you, making rooms painted in these tones appear more intimate and cosy. Warm colours are cheerful, invigorating and great for creative spaces and for people seeking stimulation from their work environment. These colours can be used to help awaken the mind and enliven the spirit. Warm, muted colours tend to work better than bold, bright colours in office environments. Psychologically, bright colours are very stimulating, but also tend to be distracting in working spaces.

Whites representing peace and purity. The colour white can be used to give an open, spacious feeling to a smaller work area. Soft, muted, or tinted whites are the best choice for the main wall colours in offices. Pure, bright white, when used in large quantities, can strain the eyes in a brightly lit work environment. Instead, use bright whites for trim and mouldings to create a crisp, clean look.

Ultimately, you need to evaluate your own response to colour, because it varies from individual to individual. Remember it is your space. Make it a place where you want to be, and you're sure to be more productive!


Artificial Plants for Interior Landscaping

interior artificial landscape designs
Artificial plants are very practical in terms of their rooms because of the many advantages of the plant. Despite the fact that the real plant can be expensive and require maintenance, there is no shortage of fake plants. Real plants should be irrigated and maintained, which requires time and effort that many companies should be reduced. In contrast, the fake plants you can plant up by professionals and do not worry about it.

On top of these advantages, the main weakness of the real plant that can wither and die. Fake plants, leaves, and strong colors as the day you hire them, so you do not have to worry about you. Fake plants will be, as you need them, and looking like the real thing. For this reason, many local landscapers to use artificial plants.

Artificial plants, as well as a safe way to promote your own decorations to attract insects to them, because they are made of plastic. This means that the environment, restaurants, for example, a variety of pests. Moreover, artificial plants are made of fully protected fire or something like this neighborhood restaurant.

Artificial plants can be ordered from many rental companies. Companies can build their own design with many features, you can see exactly what you are looking for the best look for your room. And professionals who enjoy working closely with local landscapers, architects and designers, you want to look beautiful and pleasant environment for you everywhere.

Artificial plants in the landscape with extra oomph to your living room should stand for human memory. Such a cheap and convenient option to lease the plant to make the right choice for many business owners and landscapers. Artificial plants also can be very eye catching, as the structure to be eight feet high. Not only, but the business management of the plant you want, you can relax and enjoy it.

Many kinds of screen and artificial plants in pots can also be rented. This means that the selection of artificial plants, among them, as they show your style tea room, whether it is modern, traditional, or restless.