Mozaik Tile For Bathroom

I'm trying use a little mozaik tile patern to this 2m x 2m square bathroom

Glass cubical partition between shower and latrine

White lavatory table with white water basin, and footless


Two Bedroom Apartment

This two bedroom apartment is round about 35 meter square, with small pantry and small living room space. The idea is to create fully furnished interior which cozy, warm, and looks wide.

Small Apartment For Student

One room apartment (studio type) is the cheapest type apartment among theme. I've create this tiny room with very low cost budget but should have to complete all the function as standar living space apartment.

Indonesian Retro Classical Kampoong Cafe

I lil bit confuse about this interior design theme, what should i call?
The owner of the cafe like to build cafe's interior with an Indonesian classical kampung (village) style, so i try to figure it out with these picture below.

Indonesian Red Cross Office