What is Eco Friendly House ?

Are you want to build a house? an eco friendly house? Here are some tips for you

First, Design. The design should be able to respond to the climate in which the home is established or commonly referred to as design-oriented climate. Such as the climate in Indonesia is tropical humid, then the house should be able to respond to the intensity of the sun is high, able to reduce high humidity, able to respond and take advantage of very high rainfall, and able to anticipate the very low wind speeds.


More on eco friendly house building, the second step to consider is energy. Energy use should be as efficient and as effective as possible. Usually when a building design has been oriented climate, automatically become efficient energy use as well. Such as reduced use of air conditioning and lights during the day.

Third, the material. Select local materials. Local materials to reduce transportation costs, this is certainly different from the imported material. Select materials that are renewable, meaning that nature produces a continuous material, such as wood, bamboo, and rattan.

And the last is garbage. Separate non-bio waste and bio waste compost, if your trash can become fertilizer for the plants at home. In addition, use is also gray water for flushing toilets and gardening.

Apartment kitchen design

Big city, when landed house is very expensive at downtown, now people have to pick apartment as right choice. Apartment usually has a tiny space that we have to arrange every interior elements correctly, one of which is the kitchen.

Apartment layout is different than landed house, in apartment, kitchen layout is set at first place just when we enter the unit, and usually near or melt with dining area. Because of it, apartment's kitchen must designed very simple, clean color, and compact.

Use soft color and shiny or glass material to make interior space seems not poky.


When Interior meet Graphic Design

Interior space sometimes need an aesthetic wall or accented point, and graphic wall design is the solution. Graphic design in interior space not only limited for aesthetic, sometimes it's needed for blending signed system especially in public space.

Above, i found very interesting graphic signed on a dark flat wall. It's graphic bring gloomy space an accented color.

Maria Yasko, a Russian-based interior designer, these cool, modern, modular wall shelves with graphic design. The designer specifies the internal standard element in an art and called it a “Vjunok” which consists of three modular design structure, they are: power, Icelandic tree, and bees. These modular racks seems to natural elements and surroundings, graphically leaves and branches are formed

Simply cutting edge sticker graphic on plain wall, it's very blended and stunning..!. This graphic design is not damage the image of clean bedroom design but it's make space more convey to it's own style.


Indonesian Furniture Shop at Lecong, China

Hufttt,,finally done, designing for Indonesian Furniture Shop at Lecong, China. First, i've been puzzled what should be shown to represent the hallmark of Indonesia ?, because Indonesian people has so many culture and tribal art.
Solid wood and rattan are that we would yells to the world, so i bring interior design as many as represent about that, combined with aesthetic element wich represented Indonesian Culture.


Low Budget Design with High Taste

Decameron, the project was organized inside two tunnels of containers, taking advantage of the linearity of its inside spaces, and a double height hangar attached to it, a contrasting cubic volume. Huge polycarbonate sliding doors connect the store with the city and an inner garden.

At the hottest spot in the most important alley of decoration in the city: alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva there was the only empty plot left. The client rented it and commissioned the architect to come up with a very low budget design, something that could be assembled quickly, respecting the existing trees. The idea was to use discarded containers, to reuse a ready-made object, a leftover of the actual intense commodities exchange


floor covering materials

To make your space more shapely, we must choose a correct floor covering material to make a great compose with other room elements.

There is so many material, color, and pattern to fit to your floor. But first we must knowing about our room characteristic and function. Here some example to choose right material and pattern to cover your floor, categorical by room function :

  1. Kitchen and Restroom, to prevent slippery floor when it’s wet or oily, you should use textured floor type, like stone or granite tile, but tile like these is very expensive, to reduce the cost we must choose other material like vinyl tile which is it’s has resemble pattern with granite or stone tile and it’s very easy to clean.
  2. Living Room, it’s a cozy place in our home, you can choose a glossy floor tile which is the color pattern should be match with your environment, or to make your living room more beautiful, you can use wooden floor.
  3. Bedroom, it’s a private room, you can use any material or pattern as you wish, but before you make decision to chose of them, you must calculating about maintenance and durability.

Colorful Living room by ZeroTreArchitetti

Now, I am inspired by Zero TreArchitetti with a beautiful colorful living room design. It's like a playful interior which will made us happier and warmer. This playful design set is called Kube. Designed by ZeroTreArchitetti for Linea Italia, Kube is a modular set which can be arranged in a variety of ways. One can choose to place the similar colors together for a “tidy” feel, or mix them up real good for a joyful and color-messy interior. There is no way you can go wrong arranging these furniture pieces, that’s for sure. The set also comes with a few pillows, perfectly adapted to the collection.

I love white wall with a little accented deep color of wall, wide open window with clear glass. Flood of sunshine made space bright, warm, and fresh.


Minimalist Interior with Wooden Furniture

Boring days and crowd at working place is our daily dose of live, but when we go home, it's should be disappear by home environment.
And now which environment that we want to build in our home ?
I think clean minimalist design will help us to get more relax and enjoying our cozy time at home.

interior design

Above is Minimalist Landry Room Furniture Collection by Terry Dwan, is produced using scented cedar wood. Its main feature is the use of cedar wood for all the inner parts of the furnishings, in order to exploit its properties as natural moth-repellant. The outer panels, instead, can be in every wood essence available in the Collection by Riva 1920.

Designed by Terry Dwan in collaboration with Electrolux, this furniture proves that a streamlined space can be achieved by using the right tools that facilitate space-efficient shelving and cabinets. Also included are the surfaces for ironing and folding Landry Room Furniture Collection by Terry Dwan with built-in appliances and sink.

White wall or little gloomy paint combined with cedar wood is very dazzle. It's simple, clean, timeless and cozy.


Knockdown House

When world become unstable with earthquake, should we change our permanent house structure to knockdown house ?

I think every structure of any kind of house has they own risk and capacity. House with knockdown system is very simple to build and lower cost than ordinary house.

Knockdown house, ussualy built from solid wood materials, we can buy empty land and plug the house as that easy. Knockdown house is made by order, but nowadays we can find ready stock knockdown wooden house on internet.
Just easy way to get dreaming house with lower cost and faster.