Bakery Shop and Travel Agent Office with fully wooden Furniture


Graphic Wall for Tiny Bedroom

In tiny room, as we know, we have to prevent use dark color to create bright space and made room looks wider. Designers ussualy engage a flat mirror to create a wider tiny room or bedroom, but on my case, i won't do that, i liked to use a cheerful simply graphic wall to make this tiny bedroom more cozy, fresh, and wider.

Above, i use flat mirror on a built in closet, and simple graphic wall on other side wall. Light green and simple grey block line it's very nice i guest :)


Credenza is lovely interior part

During in second half of the 19th century, Credenza is a kind of furniture that became very popular and trends in interior design. Credenza usually made from burnished and polished wood and decorated with marquetry, the top often made of marble or other decorative stone.

credenza wood

Pic: www.idea-awards.com.au

Nowadays, Credenza is still popular in interior design, especially in home interior design, with more simply and modern form. Polished wood would always use as a primary material, but without marquetry decorated and without marble top.

credenza modern

Pic: www.australiadesigns.com

Above is a credenza designed by Aidan Morris, the Scrappy Credenza is made from the timber offcuts that are discarded in the manufacturing process of other furniture pieces. It’s very light and simple and I love it..!!!. The frame and base of the cabinet are made from solid and veneered Tasmanian Oak, while the doors are made from a tapestry-like arrangement of different timbers.