Design.ID 2012, Interior Design Exhibition and Conference

Indonesian's Interior Designers Society(HDII) held an aggregation and conferences called Desain.ID (DID) the end of 2011. Ritual of the development of national programme in Indonesia give work together major designers and otherwise affinal communities.

Desain.ID 2012 is the position state held by HDII, whose idea is Cosmic: Arrangement in Extra-Familiarity Var.. The thought will be manifested through programs specified as Ingenuous Talks, Different Networking, Thought-provoking Word, and Shared Knowledge based on the idea of employment pillars of Ability, Collaboration and Doc.

As before, the implementation of the upcoming Desain.ID 2012 also potential to be a object to part product and creativeness figure and Postindustrial ornament businesses Country such as hotel and esoteric luxury villas. Reffrajaya Moch, Chair HDII Desain.ID 2012 at the propulsion circumstance said that this circumstance become a rank of process for all inland designers Country.

"We elicit all concern upcountry State, which consists of region designers, inside contractors, or executors, and investors who have projects and upcountry materials business players to re-explore original ideas with a ingest of civilization to make a alter quality midland decoration and more photogenic for State moves into large economy, "said Arjon

"We outlook, DID 2012 may be a melting pot for inventive grouping as a localize to jibe, regenerate friendships, and play something new," he said in a mould channelize here on Tues (06/12/2011). Arjon, Chairwoman of the Organizing Desain.ID 2012, said it had invitational the total inward of Indonesian businessmen to joint unitedly in this circumstance.


Inner Court for Small House

The existence of the inner court gave several important benefits:
1. Make air circulation better and gives natural lighting because of its open.
2. Gives the impression of the house.
3. As a convenient meeting point for all residents.
4. Refresh the house environtment.

When you consider to build small house on a tiny land, but you wanted an Inner Court, you are actually preparing the foundation of the natural comfort of nature. By the inner court, you can take advantage of the things that nature provided. Air flow and sunlight. You can still complete this natural comfort. For example with several types of plants in pots and if possible a small pond. About the size of the inner court did not matter. What matters is proportional to the area home

Inner Court gives natural comfortthat not lead to boredom. But there are some tricks of it. For example you can periodically add, subtract, or change the type of plant your pots for the inner court. That sounds good if you replace the occasional formation seats around the park is open in this house. Or maybe by adding a little touch of lighting for night.


Lounge Interior Design

What is the Lounge?
lounge room or lounge ( in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand ), is a room for entertaining adult guests, reading, or other activities. The term front room can also be used to describe a living room, because in many homes the living room is at the very front. (wikipedia).

As we know, lounge is resemble with sitting room, or waiting room for some passanger, like at airport lounge. Lounge ussualy designed to make people more relax and enjoying live music or just music background.

I think Lounge is more like transit room, or we can call it just waiting room with cozy and relaxing environtment, which make people don't get bored on what they waiting for. So, if we want to start doing some design job for a lounge interior , firstly we have to know which color and lighting that will lead people stay without get bored.